Lady Edison produces flavorful extra fancy country ham and other cured charcuterie using sustainably raised hogs from the North Carolina Hog Growers Association. Owner Sam Suchoff knows a thing or two about pigs...he named his award-winning Chapel Hill, NC barbecue restaurant The Pig and he's made hot dogs, bacon and many other products for local restaurants and has a line of products at Weaver Street Market. You might even see Sam selling his Hog Dogs at the Carrboro Farmer's Market. 

Lady Edison was born out of this love for pork. It's first focus was the Good Food award-winning Lady Edison Extra Fancy County Ham, a rich flavorful ham Sam produces in conjunction with Rufus Brown of Johnston County Hams. Aged at least 18 months, it is a pure expression of pork and time. Comparable to its Spanish counterpart, this long cured ham has a taste more savory than salty and a texture that is at the same time supple yet firm. “The ham has a distinct but mild ‘ham funk’ and is buttery and rich, and not too salty,” says Suchoff. You will find Lady Edison on the menu at fine restaurants through the United States, including Momofuku in New York and Mateo in Durham, NC. 

Lady Edison has drawn equally rave reviews for its cured sausages, including Hot and Sweet Soppressata and a Spanish Style Chorizo. These products are available online and at markets and specialty stores throughout the Southeast. 


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