Wine & Swine Box #2
Wine & Swine Box #2
Wine & Swine Box #2
Wine & Swine Box #2
Wine & Swine Box #2
Wine & Swine Box #2
Wine & Swine Box #2

Wine & Swine Box #2

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Wine & Swine Box #2
A collaboration from Piedmont Wine Imports and Lady Edison Pork
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    Throughout the year Jay Murrie of Piedmont Wine Imports and Sam Suchoff of Lady Edison (and The Pig) will pair a unique wine from a small family farm with locally cured Lady Edison pork charcuterie. The Wine & Swine package also includes additional specialty ingredients, recipes, and tasting notes. This makes an incredible meal or can be enjoyed over time (we dare you). Supplies are limited--order now! Our second box includes:

    • Alla Costiera Bianco Costiera (white wine from Veneto, Italy)
    • Paconcelli’s Squid Ink Pasta (1.1 lb)
    • Pavoncelli ‘Bella di Cerignola’ Colossal Green Olives (19.4 oz)
    • Lady Edison Extra Fancy Country Ham (3 oz)
    • Lady Edison Chorizo (8 oz)
    • Squid Ink Pasta with Shrimp and Chorizo Recipe 

    Scroll down for more information on each product in the box. 

    Order now for pick up at The Pig in Chapel Hill. We will email you when your order is ready and you can pick up at The Pig during normal business hours. 


    Alla Costiera Bianco Costiera

    Alla Costiera Bianco Costiera is a hazy aromatic dry white that is organically farmed a stone's throw from the gulf of Venice by Filippo Gamba and his wife Elisa. The white is made from Tai (Friulano) Garganega and Moscato grapes, very much in the same manner as the rosso. Twenty five day fermentation powered by wild yeast, aged for eight months in enamel-lined cement tank. Spontaneous malo. Unfiltered. Four and a half grams-per-liter of total acidity. Alla Costiera means “to the coast” and this is a must-have natural wine for summer’s beach excursions, and the locally caught seafood you’ll consume, and hopefully even haul home, after soaking in North Carolina’s hundreds of miles of beautiful seashore. Imported by Piedmont Wine Imports.


    Lady Edison Extra Fancy Country Ham

    The name says it all! While it’s definitely Extra Fancy it’s still Country Ham, not Prosciutto, not Jamon Serrano or Iberico. We start with the hind legs from NC hogs raised on pasture without the use of antibiotics or hormones by Animal Welfare Approved farmers who raise a 3-way heritage cross of Berkshire, Chester White, and Duroc. They are then cured and aged for 12-18 months right here in the great state of North Carolina. This ham brings the funk!

    Lady Edison Chorizo

    Not the stuff in your breakfast burrito! Our chorizo is a Spanish style fermented and mold ripened salami. 100% NC Pasture Raised pork and rich with pimenton (Spanish smoked paprika) and garlic, this mouthwatering salami is great on a charcuterie plate and a key ingredient in paella but really shines when paired with shellfish. Jay’s recipe really highlights how well pork and seafood play together. 


    Paconcelli’s Squid Ink Pasta

    Paconcelli’s Squid Ink Pasta has a delicious briny flavor and dramatic black color perfect for dishes combining the delicate perfumed aromas of shrimp and spicy pork.

    Pavoncelli ‘Bella di Cerignola’ Colossal Green Olives

    They are monsters. They are a meal, satisfying in a way few olives are. Firm and bright, impressive in a category of food that is generally a disappointment to me. Don’t get me wrong, olives are the best, and these are the best, but other olives randomly acquired in the USA can taste overly manipulated, soft, frankly old. So Pavoncelli has saved us from future heartache and frustration. 


    Photos: Jeff Bramwell